Variable annuities

Effective December 30, 2011, this product and/or living benefit rider will no longer be available for sale

Sun Life Financial Masters® NY variable annuities

We’ve developed a suite of variable annuities, each offering a different balance between annual costs and access to assets. Whichever option your financial professional helps you choose, you’ll benefit from our optional living benefit1,2 that can help protect and maximize your income; tax-deferred earnings growth;3 a wide selection of investment options; and protection for your beneficiaries. Better still, all of these advantages are brought to you by Sun Life Financial one of the life insurance industry's most highly rated insurers.

Masters Flex II NY

Withdrawal charges for first 4 years only and annual insurance charges of 1.65%

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Masters Choice II NY

A seven-year withdrawal charge period and annual insurance charges of 1.35%

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Masters Extra II NY

Choice of purchase payment interest options; annual insurance charges of 1.70%

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The Masters I Share NY variable annuity is only available for sale with certain firms. Please check with your financial professional for availability. View the prospectus.

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