Variable annuities

Effective December 30, 2011, this product and/or living benefit rider will no longer be available for sale

Protection for your beneficiaries

When you invest in an annuity, your loved ones enjoy protection as well. If something were to happen to you, your beneficiaries would get back at least what you’ve put into the contract (less any withdrawals). Sun Life Financial’s Masters® variable annuities offer a basic and optional death benefit so you can choose the protection that’s right for you.

Basic death benefit

Included at no additional cost, our basic death benefit ensures your beneficiaries will receive the greater of:

  • total purchase payments (adjusted proportionately for withdrawals); or
  • the contract value.

Optional death benefit

If you’re age 74 or younger at the time you apply for one of our Masters variable annuities, you may also want to consider adding the Maximum Anniversary Account Value death benefit.1 Available at an annual cost of 0.40%, this option ensures your beneficiaries will receive the greater of:

  • the basic death benefit (the adjusted total purchase payments is the minimum); or
  • the highest contract value on any contract anniversary before the covered person’s 81st birthday.2 This highest contract value will be adjusted for any subsequent purchase payments and withdrawals made between that anniversary and the death benefit date.

Note: These benefits may not be available in all states, and certain age requirements must be met.

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