Corporate owned life insurance

Effective December 30, 2011, this product and/or living benefit rider will no longer be available for sale

Sun Life Large Case VUL

If you’re looking to ensure a group of employees for an organization, you’ll want to tap into the expertise of Sun Life’s corporate owned life insurance (COLI) team. Our experienced COLI specialists can tailor sophisticated large case insurance plans to address the needs of a variety of different organizations. These plans also offer access to a diverse array of underlying investment options managed by such industry leaders as American Funds, Fidelity, MFS, Oppenheimer, PIMCO, and T. Rowe Price.

What needs we address

  • Provide supplemental retirement benefits for business owners and their key employees
  • Protect businesses from the estimated financial loss resulting from the untimely death, disability or departure of a critical employee

What advantages we offer

  • Expert underwriting from our veteran team of COLI specialists
  • No surrender charges
  • Enhancement benefit that is paid in addition to the account value if the policy is surrendered in policy years 1 through 12 (not payable if the surrender is due to a Section 1035 Exchange)
  • Tax-advantaged access to leading money managers across the complete spectrum of asset classes and investment styles

Variable performance

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