Critical Illness and Cancer

Critical Illness and Cancer Plans*

When an employee is diagnosed with a critical illness, it can lead to new, unexpected bills (like out-of-pocket medical expenses and getting help in the home) and reduced income if treatment requires the employee to reduce hours or stop working.  

A Sun Life Critical Illness plan can help lessen the impact. It pays employees cash when they need it most; it covers a wide variety of conditions; and it can fit within your portfolio of benefits.

Sun Life Financial offers three types of critical illness plans that cover a wide variety of conditions

  1. Critical Illness Insurance pays a full or partial benefit for these covered conditions:
    • Circulatory conditions category: heart attack, end-stage heart failure, stroke, coronary artery disease
    • Other conditions category: benign brain tumor, coma, major organ failure, paralysis, and severe burns
    • Childhood conditions category: cerebral palsy, complex congenital heart disease, cystic fibrosis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, and muscular dystrophy
  2. Cancer-only Insurance pays a full or partial benefit depending upon the type of cancer condition: cancer or non-life threatening cancer.
  3. Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance includes all the covered conditions above.
  4. The maximum benefit payable is once per covered condition, up to 100% per category, 200% total benefit payable for all covered conditions in all categories.

Features common to all plans

  • Guaranteed Issue is available based on group size and participation
  • Coverage for spouse and children
  • Recurrence benefit rider available (subject to state availability)1
  • Portable (subject to state availability)
  • Annual wellness screening benefit
  • Funding options: employee-paid, employer-paid or shared cost
  • Access to health care support services2 for help understanding medical coverage and treatment choices and for guidance on medical bills and claims


Critical illness insurance can complement existing benefits, like health and disability insurance.* Talk with your employee benefits broker and ask how you can offer these products to your employees.

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