Accident Insurance

Accident insurance

A welcome and affordable way to help employees manage life's emergencies

Injuries affect millions of Americans every year. They can happen any time, to any one - no matter how careful someone is. The costs related to recovery can add up.

Sun Life's Accident insurance plans help employees manage such costs. We offer two plans - Essential and Preferred  - for employers to choose from, along with valuable add-ons for extra financial protection.

We pay a cash benefit if employees or their dependents are injured as part of a covered accident, from falls and playing sports to operating machinery. They can use the money in any way, and both our plans are HSA-friendly - welcome news for those who have to meet high deductibles or want to preserve their savings.

Essential Plan

Offers a simple benefit schedule that is easy to understand and is affordable to employees at all levels of an organization. Employers choose to offer up to 3 (among 7) benefit schedules.

Preferred Plan

Offers our widest range of covered benefits, with low, mid and high benefit schedules. Plus, employers can customize a schedule to best meet their needs.

Accident Disability Insurance Benefit

Offers a weekly stream of income to employees and spouses who are Totally Disability as a result of a covered accident. Disability for spouses is defined as the inability to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living.



* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “National Estimates of the 10 Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency departments, United States—2010.”

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